www.krishnamodaa.com is entirely a 100% independent online fashion accessory design site that offers interested parties that are looking for high quality fashion accessories. In addition www.krishnamodaa.com emphasizes that all the relevant information that it offers as well as the best presentation on the best available fashion accessories is done so in an open manner. In an ongoing mission to give offer to users and visitors the best in fashion accessories as well as to offer the best possible prices that will appeal to the users. This is based on the global and national trend by users to look for the best and the latest stylish fashion accessories that will be of interest to the fashion conscious community. In addition it must be noted that all the products that are available on the www.krishnamodaa.com are also made available on a “as is condition”.

Our Promise

Latest Design 90
Lowest Price 95
Deliver On Time 91

www.krishnamodaa.com caters to more than 100 clients catering for major brands clients such as Bijoux Terner, Natura and Innspiro. In addition to catering to clients that are in India www.krishnamodaa.com also exports abroad to internationally with primary markets being as USA, UK, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Spain and in Italy.

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