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Privacy Policy

The website in its role of being a fashion accessory site aims to offer its visitors and users with access to the best in terms high quality fashion accessories that will be made available to the community in an open and mutually beneficial basis. The main aim of is to be able to offer visitors and users with access to the best available in terms of fashion accessories that would be found appealing to the shopper in terms of their shopping needs in the best quality in fashion accessories that will appeal to both men and women. It must be noted that any action that the visitor and/or user will take based on their perception and preference of the selection of fashion accessories that are made available on the web portal will be based on the personal preferences of the websites’s visitor and user’s personal decisions. It must also be noted that is designed to be an online fashion accessory website that will allow users and visitors to be able to choose and select the products that will appeal to them. Therefore at any given time should users and/or visitors take it upon themselves to chose to purchase any items based on the presentations that are on once again such a decision will be entirely based on their preferences.


The main aim and goal of the website is to allow the users and/or visitors to be able to view the wide variety of fashion accessories that are available and based on their personal preferences be able to make a purchase should they so require. At all times the team at place great emphasis to be able to provide the users and visitors to have access to the best quality information on all the fashion accessories that are made available on the website portal, however it must be noted that there is no definitive way that they can assure their users as well as visitors that any legislative or legal changes that are made can or cannot be able to impact the nature of the fashion accessories that are on offer on In addition has always welcomed any and all types of feedback from users/readers/visitors. Thus they are invited to be able to visit our Contact Us page for more information on the various options on how to reach


The administrative team at and all the related parties as well as all its relative partners will under no circumstances be held responsible for any purchasing decisions that the users/visitors might be feeling later disillusioned about that will be based on the nature and the quality fashion accessories that are made available on the site.


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