5.0 mm Round Leather Cord

5 mm Round Leather Cord Manufacturers Wholesale
A Colors Cards of All Colors Attached in Photos

Our 5 mm Round Leather Cords are all Test Passed
We have used AZO FREE Chemicals in colors of 5.0. mm Round Leather Cords
0.5 mm Round Leather Cords are Lead Free and safe to make children Bracelets and Jewelry
Certificate of quality Available on request

Our 5 mm Round Leather Cords Comes in Customized Packing.
We have both white and black Colors Plastic spools. So you can choose which colors of spool he wants to use.
You Can also choose Total quantity in one spool.
Rolls Available in Different Packing
100 Meters
50 Meters
25 Meters
10 Meters
5 Meters
2 Meters

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