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Each and everyone of the users/visitors that visit www.krishnamodaa.com are encouraged to go through all the relevant terms of service of www.krishnamodaa.com listed below before they browse the www.krishnamodaa.com website portal.

It must be noted that the continued use and browsing of the www.krishnamodaa.com web portal will be interpreted as being total acceptance of all the conditions as well as being the absolute willingness to be bound and adhere by the related terms of services that are connected to www.krishnamodaa.com. At any point and time should the user/visitor should under any conditions feel that they are not willing to be bound by the conditions that are listed below, they should immediately stop from browsing and using www.krishnamodaa.com

Liability Limitations

Any and all losses caused deliberately or without deliberate caused by the user after having used information that would result them making a purchase from www.krishnamodaa.com website. And should these losses be based after using any of the information from the www.krishnamodaa.com portal is not libelous in any manner to www.krishnamodaa.com. Also any and all damages or liabilities that are incurred to the user and that may have arisen based on the nature of the content and information on www.krishnamodaa.com is not in under any circumstances result in the owners and all related third parties of www.krishnamodaa.com be held accountable as it is not their fault.

Trademark Agreement

Also any and all such relevant trademarks that are made available on the www.krishnamodaa.com web portal are all registered the relevant owners and www.krishnamodaa.com and this is also applicable to the website domain name.

Company Websites

www.krishnamodaa.com is an online fashion accessory design website that offers to its visitor’s access to the best and the highest quality in fashion accessories that are on the market. As a result this means that under no circumstances will www.krishnamodaa.com hold any form of permission over any of its third party brand’s websites that are related to the site. As such the visitors as well as the readers must be aware that all forms of content that is on the www.krishnamodaa.com are made available to use based on their discretion to have access the content. In turn all forms of feedbacks that are related to the administrators of www.krishnamodaa.com in both highly appreciated and welcomed at any level.

Copyright Agreement

All forms of content that is on www.krishnamodaa.com should be deemed as being is property of www.krishnamodaa.com and its owners are all licensed to www.krishnamodaa.com and as such this makes it protected under international copyright and intellectual ownership laws. As such the use of any of the material that is on the www.krishnamodaa.com site is not only banned and prohibited in any form or nature for it to be used without any form of prior authorization from the www.krishnamodaa.com site owners. Also an any and all type of distribution and/or reproduction and the aforementioned content usage on the www.krishnamodaa.com is strictly prohibited without permission from www.krishnamodaa.com.

Website Usage

Any and all forms of obscenities or any such action that may be viewed as harassment by means of trolling or other means of electronic means of harassment that may also include the posting of obscene and/or offending matter in any nature that may be viewed as being offending language by www.krishnamodaa.com will be prohibited in all forms. In addition any and all form of impersonation that will be done to the www.krishnamodaa.com website or any of its related elements is under not under any circumstances permitted. As such no material whatsoever that may be obtained from the www.krishnamodaa.com in form or nature be uploaded and/or be distributed in any form or manner whatsoever without having acquired prior permission from the www.krishnamodaa.com administrator having been obtained. In addition there will be no form of commercial content in any manner will be uploaded whatsoever and this also extends to any form of solicitation.